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UraniumFuture 10 months ago

This question was great for a general problem solving question, not system design, not algos, but like, a problem came up in your day job, in the middle of a project, what do you do?!

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SchoolForAnts 7 months ago

This video is great for discussing how to speak to the database requirements in a systems design interview question

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verdana.blend 7 months ago

Also, this video on Caching is phenomenal for being able to discuss different caching techniques and there tradeoffs

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Japow 7 months ago

Anndddd Lastly, this video on scaling web servers is critical for putting the whole picture together of DB sharding, load balancing, distributed caching, and how that all works together with multiple servers

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BimmerLover 7 months ago

I definitely feel like this โ€œDesign Netflixโ€ comes up a lot in System Design interviews

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